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Lineartists & Colorists List :3

~Does: Humans/animals/kemonomimis are preferred. However, is will to try to do plants, cars, and robots/mechas. No mature stuff though.
~Does: People/Anthros/Furries/Plants. Mature contest: Alchol/Drugs or violence/gore only.
~Does: Prefers humans/kemonomimis but is willing to do Anything EXCEPT Mechas/Robots/Vehicles (like cars and planes)
-Is willing to do same sex/gender stuff. or different gender/sex stuff...doesn't matter
:iconfeliciaxd: (lineart will be sketches that can be colored)
~Does: Humans, Kemonomimis, and other non-anthro humanoids. Only will do some mature alcohol perhaps. Otherwise, no mature art.
~Does: Humans/Kemonomimi are MUCH prefered. But is willing to draw anthro/furries if need be. For mature art, it's only to some extent. So..only Nudity, Sexual stuff, and some blood
~Does: Anything except Mechanical stuff (mecha/vehicles/etc)
~Does: Kemonomimi and humans. For mature, art only some alcohol and violence.
~Prefers Humans/Kemonomimi/animals (anime-style). Will NOT do Mechanical stuff such as mechas, vehicles, etc...etc...Will do mature: nudity, violence, and drugs
~Does: Anything but mechas and anthros/furries. As for mature art, only blood, moderate alchohol, nudity (TASTEFUL nudity is preferred). Is willing to do any type of couples nudity as well..same or different doesn't matter.)

~Does: Anything that's no shiny. Nothing mature though.
~Does anything. But for mature art, only alcohol/drugs and/or violence/gore
~Does: Anything not mature (after a a judgement of period of whether it's possible or not) & remember, no mature art for cappy-code
~Does: Anything~
~Does: Anything~ (Same sex stuff included :D )
~Does: Anything~
:iconlittlekittenlost: (Traditional colourist)
~Does: Anything (but according to themselves, they need more practice with coloring metal stuff). NO mature work please for litlekittenlost
**NOTE: littlekittenlost is looking for someone who is willing to collab with them regularly..Someone who is willing to do(and share, of course) commissions. Only standard per se is the lines must be clean. Is also still willing to do one-time collabs.
~Does: Kemonomimi and humans. For mature, art only some alcohol and violence.
~Prefers Humans/Kemonomimi/animals (anime-style). Will NOT do Mechanical stuff such as mechas, vehicles, etc...etc...Will do mature: nudity, violence, and drugs
NOTE: Please state if you are ok with homosexual/bi/third gender/whatever stuff or not. I don't want people to think that someone is ok with it..and they're not..and hurt feelings ensue.

If it does not mention they are ok with homo/bi stuff then I would assume they are just not comfortable with it., I guess :shrug:

PLEASE do not respond with "hater" speeches. You will be kicked out of the club. I don't care if you don't like it. Just keep it do yourself please. u__u

I'm am not going to deny stuff that is allowed by dA rules. That's just not going to happen. I created this group to be accepting of everything..whether I (or you) agree with it or not.

Though...for mature stuff...if it has no won't be accepted. U___U

There's young people in this group, yo! u__u

Stop corrupting minds with bewbs and drugs (w/o a mature filter)  :iconohuplz: ;P

I don't mean to insult anyone or there beliefs...Everyone has their right to their opinion. But sometimes it's best just to let things flow and not voice it...Like I said..I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings or whatever >__>

Okay..done with edit..


Okay. I know I ramble too much so I'll try to keep this short and simple.

This is for 2 people collaborations.

If you want to do a collaboration with someone, then the first step is to join the listings I am concocting.

The listings will consist of Lineartists (made up word. It's people who do lineart)/Colorists/Both (willing to do either or).

So...if you'd like to join the listings please write:

What listing you'd like to be added to: Exampe = Colorists

What are you willing to draw/color:
Example = Humans, Animals, Anthros (or what some people call "furries"), robots/mechas, plants, kemonomimi (aka animal-eared humans more or less), cars/vehicles, and/or furniture and other objects. (and if there's something I missed. Feel free to add that).

Do you do mature art?: Yes or No

If Yes, what kind of mature art: Nudity (da-approved), Sexual stuff (dA approved-sexual stuff), alcohol/drugs, and/or violence/gore

NOTE: You are too do whatever you want with this listings. I am not going to go "You! Partner up with him/her!" That's not going to happen. I can't force one to do anything. And I have a feeling if I did forced pairing a lot of people wouldn't sign up.

Ok. I'm thinking of doing kiribans for this group thang.

But I need donators besides myself. I'll accept any kind of donation. I don't care if your art isn't that good. Mine ain't to great either xD;

Once I get enough donations, I will randomly choose a prize or two for the winner.

Screenshots are a necessity. In order to get a screen shot go to the "prnt screen" button and press it. Then open MS Paint or some basic art program and "paste" it..either with the paste button or however you do it. However, I'm not sure all laptops/computers have a "prnt screen" button. I'm not sure what to do otherwise, I'd check around the internet for other ways to get a screenshot ^^;

1st Kiriban = 1000 (is really really soon)
2nd Kiriban = 5000
3rd kiriban = 10000

I will take one under or one over if the exact number is not claimed.

However, it's a first come first serve thing. Unless, you have the exact number. Then you beat the +1 or -1. If there's more than one person to get the exact's first come first serve by NOTING (NOTE NOTE) the group.

Did I mention comments involving the winning screenshot will be ignored?

Note please if you got it.

By the way, I'm sorry if I made no sense. I'm tired and can't think straight >___<
More Journal Entries

Project 2 - A & B Board

Project 2 - A) Fanart Anime Project:

However, let me make this clear. This is NOT for your fan characters. I don't mind you having them. It's just...not for this project. However, don't fret..I'm allowing fan characters in the other project.
In order to sign up for this fanart project, please claim a character and tell me their gender (I may not know by name alone) and what series they come from.
However, i will be only allowing 5 girls and 5 boys. Once this fills up. I will open for 5 more boys and 5 more girls. And this will be repeated. Females characters seem to dominate in this group..and while it may be the popular thing..I can't let that happen ALL the's tiring for male character lovers..and what not...

Also, NO backgrounds for the anime fanart project, please

1):iconthe-onechanbara: - renton thurston from Eureka Seven
2):iconpepperjackcoyote: Johann Faust VIII from Shaman King
3):iconfeles-alata: - Miles "Tails" Prower from Sonic X
1):iconalxyz: - Aoi Tezuka from Alive - The Final Evolution
2):iconcappy-code: - Anzu from Hanamaru kindergarten
3):iconkenlybop: Morrigan from Dark Stalkers/Vampire Savior.

Project 2 - B) Female OC Randomized Art Trade Project:

It's focus will be female OCs (or Fan characters). There will be a male OC thing next month. For that was third. Now, this female OCs thing must be humanoid, but anthros and kemonomimis are welcome as well. They are humanoid.

Anyone who wants to do this..just give me your OCs name and a link to a reference.

Why is a link for a reference needed?'s going to be a massive and RANDOM art trade thing..that will all be combine into a poster-like thing in the end.

This means no female OCs/FCs without a full color ref. Sorry. That's just not fair to the person who gets you.

I will start taking down characters for that as well. For this have until April 8 - once the countdown runs sign up for to get in. Otherwise, you will be denied. Sorry. Once April 8 comes, I will send everyone a note entitles "Secet Female OC Art Trade" and you will get who you get. No Trading or whatever. U__U

1):iconkenlybop: Ultra Draco…
2):iconannetia: Rache…
3):iconpepperjackcoyote: Syrus Rivers…

Kemonomimi Project 1 Board


As some of you may have seen, I opened up another folder for hte group called "Kemonomimi Project 1" This is solely for the participants of the kemonomimi headshot poster projects. If you are one of the seven people including myself in this project, then place your headshot deviation there. It is ok to post a WIP. Just don't update it every 5 seconds please. And there will be a deadline. How's April 8 for everyone :3. Extensions will be allowed of course. But please say in advance if you need an extension.

Not in the kemonomimi project? Why not? Come on join~~ C: even though it's "filled up" I'm willing to add more slots if you can do the deadline C: which is APRIL 8

In short, I'll be accepting anyone interested until about the end of March~

ONE LAST edit thing: There is a custom box underneath the gallery folders. Please look at it. It's for advertising. If you'd like to be added there. Please note the group with where you'd like to be added on the list. C:

Okay..Done with the edit C:

Kemonomimis are animal people. I think it literally translates to "animal ears" but I'm not sure.

In any case, I'm looking for heads of animal people (NOT furries/anthros please...we'll have another project for them someday).

Make sure the animal you choose has some sort of facial trait (for it's a headshot poster). Like ears and/or antlers/horns. That means no lizards unless perhaps they are frilled lizards C:.

I'm going to make 11 positions available (minus one that is me). Please take one now if you are interested.

Please comment on this blog saying which animal your kemonomimi will be.

I don't want 8 being catgirls/boy or 8 antler-ed people :/.

Fictional Animals are allowed.

This project is just for funsies. Anyone is free to participate. C:

Okay. Here are the slots:

1) :iconcootie-queen: - Unicorn - Male
2) :iconthe-onechanbara: - Lion(ess) - Female DONE
3) :iconlumikha: - Pole Cat - Male
4) :iconwaterdragonmasako: - Dragon - Female
5) :iconannetia: - Eagle - Male
6) :iconchiisai-mini: - Rabbit - Male DONE
7) :iconpsycokittymewmew: - Butterfly - Female DONE
8) :icongouka-chan: - Giraffe - Female
9) :iconpepperjackcoyote: - Dog - Female - DONE
10) :iconriekatear: - Ram - Female
11) :iconkawaii-oekaki-chan: - Impala - Male DONE
12) :iconfangslasha: - Wolf - Female
13) :iconfreckledandfearless: - Fox - Female - computer issues
14) :iconalxyz: - Fly - Male
15) :iconfullmetalpikachu: - Betta Fish - Male
16) :iconholyfrap: - Cat - Female DONE
17) :iconcarolaym: - Cow - Female DONE

:above: :above: :above: :above: :above: :above: :above: :above: :above: :above: :above: :above: :above: :above:

YAY! We have enough people to begin! Please start drawing your headshots (precise details in the blog above) and once they are done, please upload them to your own gallery and then submit them to the Kemonomimi folder here in the group gallery. If you are unsure how to draw the headshot, have a look at the works already submitted, or the examples in "faves" (but remember, this is a head-shot only, not a fully body piece) Thanks and I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with! .

If you are an artist or know an artist, please look here --> :iconartforcooleysanemia: and read the blog. This is NOT a scam. U_U So look at that there blog, mm'kay? Thhaaaannkk yoooou CC:

Random from Featured

These pics have been selected to give you an idea of what "Kemonomimis" is - The first Collaboration project will be themed Kemonomimis head shots (see above the blog for more details)

Kiriban BOX

No one got the 1000 kiriban. But, that's ok. I guess. I hadn't finalized any donations yet.

NEXT KIRIBAN - five thousandth page view (5000)

Prize Package includes:
1)a headshot by :iconcootie-queen: - Complex Shading
2)A request by :iconchiisai-mini:
3)A drawing request - Chibi by :iconcappy-code:
4)A colored full-body w/ background request by :iconthe-onechanbara:
5)A request by :iconpepperjackcoyote:
6) A Secret Surprise**

NOTE: Prize donors (NOT including myself, Cootie-Queen) can also try out for the kiriban.

In order to obtain the kiriban one needs 3 things.
1)Being a member of the group is a MUST - you all must have been a member for more than 24 hours prior to the screenshot. And if you leave the group before all (or any) of your request are finished. You are disqualified. This is meant for true members. Not passerby(s) that just want free stuff.

2)Obtain a screenshot. Using the "prnt scrn" button or whatever method you use. Please sent a NOTE containing the 5000th page view and you're good to go. However, while it is possible for mulitple people to get it. There will only be ONE winner. First come, first serve. Please send the screenshot if you have 5000+1 as well..just in case there is NO 5000 catcher whatsoever.
It goes from 5000 OR 5001. 5000 will have priority. However, fi I have a 5001 pageview catcher and the 5000th pageview catcher doesn't speak up quickly enough. Then, the 5001 catcher wins by default.
Please be as fast as possible though. Remember, it's first come, first serve. I would explain it in simpler terms, but I don't know how. sorry. >_>

3)After one is confirmed a winner, pleaser NOTE all five of your prize donators. Once I recieve word from all the prize donors that they have been notified, you can rest assured you will get your prizes. However, if you neglect a prize donor due to them not being up to your standards or whatever, you are automatically disqualified. Seriously, no douchebagery is needed here.

**In order to obtain the secret prize you must be a member AND a watcher C:. No cheating, yo~ Also, the secret prize will not be revealed and given to you/revealed to you until around 2 weeks after the winner is finalized. I have my reasons for this. Mostly, the reason is I want the 5 prior revealeed prizes to be finished first..or for majority of them to be finished.


:iconmy-big-fat-collabs: :iconmy-big-fat-collabs: :iconmy-big-fat-collabs:

This group is dedicated, like many others, to collabs. However this group's focus will be HUGE collabs reaching out to many artists. There will be projects involving deck-making (cards) and poster projects to name a few. This group will also welcome small collabs as well. We will post lineart for people to color and much more.


We would love you to join! Just hit the "Join this group" button at the top of the page and you will be automatically approved!


LIMIT - 2 deviations per day (for members)

We are looking for submissions of:




:bulletblue: PHOTOMANIPS - However, there is a condition to this. The photos that you have manipulated you much not have been a part of. In short, you can't have been either the photographer or the subject in the photo. This is a group for collabs. Not solo work.

:bulletblue: WRITTEN COLLABS (with at least one member of this group involved)

:bulletblue: ROLEPLAYS (with at least one person from this group involved)

~What is the difference between written collab and roleplay you may ask?

*Written collab = where all characters are shared more or less. It consists of things such as campfire stories and the like.

*Roleplay = where each "player" has their set characters. There may be some sharing involved but not too much or else it just becomes a campfire story more or less and belongs in the written collab folder)

All work submitted must be FINISHED and NEAT.

PLEASE - No WIPS, scraps, scruffy doodles or sketches, pics on lined paper, roughs or in-appropriate work. This is a GROUP GALLERY so only your best finished works will be displayed here.

About Mature art for certain categories only:
I am now allowing mature art as long as it have mature warning. If you can't decide if it's mature or not. Please assume it is and mark it "mature".

Everything must go by DA's standards of nudity/violence/etc. If dA doesn't allow it. This group sure as hell doesn't xD

Categories I'm allowing "mature" art in:
1)Lineart for otheres to color
2) Finished Collabs

Yes. Only those 2 categories allow mature art. The end. U__U
I don't want photomanips mature for that may include real nude people. And for roleplays/written collabs I also have my reasons. Main reason being I don't have time to read through it to make sure it's dA allowed..etc...etc...

That is all. :3

Oh. And main huge group projects must stay PG-13 and under U__U

The Queen


Gallery Folders

RPs Roleplays


NEW RULES for people who want to affiliate with Us:

1)You must have over 65 members
2)You must be a global group. No regional groups please. Also no female deviants only or male deviants only groups. Only groups who welcome everybody C:

These rules are just to prevent having a kajillion affiliates. However, if I sent you have talked to me before about affiliating and/or are already on the affiliates list, then we are bound as affiliates. C:

That is all. :3



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